Student Reviews

MA 141, Fall 2020

  • "Michelle is by far the best math teacher that I have ever had. I really appreciated how she was always open for questions and accessible at all times. I was very scared about doing calculus because I had such a bad experience with my pre-calc class. I realized that the teacher makes the world of a difference and she hung in there with me throughout the semester!"
  • "I felt like Michelle had a great understanding of what she was teaching and she was able to easily explain any problem as long as she was asked about it. She was clear with instructions and very positive too. This made the class feel really calm and it made the experience so much better too. The homework is also given out well in advance so if you are the type to get it done early, you will not only know your weak points sooner, but you will also be able to talk to Michelle about it and get guidance."
  • "She was fantastic in every regard. Always quick to respond to emails, was always available for help on homework, or if we simply didn't understand the concept. Had office hours 5 days a week, and never minded staying late after problem sessions to explain something further. I have always loved math, and this made me love it even more. A truly fantastic class, and my favorite of course of this semester."
  • "Michelle is a confident and knowledgeable instructor who genuinely cares about her students performance inside the class. For a graduate student, I think she was very professional when handling my questions on zoom or by email in a quick and understandable way. As someone who had already taken Calculus 1 credit in high school, she helped me reinforce concepts I still needed practice on while keeping me engaged with topics I had already mastered. Content on Moodle was always available and graded in a quick manner."
  • "Michelle is one of the best Calculus teachers I've had. The problem sessions were some of the only useful Zoom calls I went to. Michelle did a good job in grading the tests and giving credit where credit was due, and curving the test. Overall, she was super understanding and did an excellent job teaching."
  • "The course material is very interesting, and the instructor is amazing. She is very patient, does a good job explaining the material, and is overall just a great person. I also like how generous she is with the tests."

MA 121, Fall 2021

  • "The instructor for this class gives great examples and makes time for her students to ask questions. She makes the course engaging and teaches in a way that makes hard topics simple for all her students. The course covers the elements of calculus thoroughly and moves smoothly between topics. The instructor helps her students to make connections not only between topics but also between math and real life examples."
  • "She's a great instructor, I've succeeded in this class like I never had in math before. She walks by every student to see if they have any questions, during lectures is always responsive and ready to answer any questions/explain anything."
  • "There were many strengths within this course and with the instructor. Ms. Bartolo cares deeply about her students and always responds to emails very quickly. If a student or the class does not understand a problem, she will continue to explain the topic until we can all come to an agreement. She goes above and beyond for her students. She will offer extra office hours or review sessions before an exam. I loved this course!"
  • "Amazing instructor. I took this course last year and had to withdraw due to the last instructor. Michelle was thorough, clear, and very descriptive when it came to all of the topics. So far, this has been one of the best instructed classes I have taken at NC State. She is so good about communicating and is also super flexible with her students. Her homework was hard enough to teach me the material but not too hard where I felt like the class was overwhelming."
  • "Michelle is an amazing instructor. I am not a math person by any means but she's able to explain the material in ways that make it make sense. The course load is fair and not super demanding but also adequately helps practice the material learned in class. I loved the real-life applications used throughout the class and by Michelle. Michelle was always available for communication and incredibly flexible and helpful with any issues."
  • "The instructor was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable about the topic she was teaching. Very helpful if students had questions and were willing to work with a student if they did not understand a concept fully. The instructor was also very willing to host study sessions before exams and made time so that students could ask questions and review content. There were lots of examples in class that helped to solidify material and the instructor always made time to check in with students about their understanding of content."